Our story

In 2017, in the temperate climate of Heraklion, the idea was born. The idea was to use olive oil, the ‘golden liquid’ of Olea Savon, with the purpose of rendering surplus food and moisture to the skin, thanks to traditional and, at the same time, innovative products that are naturally... natural!

In a subsoil rich in knowledge, passion and taste, the seeds of quality and the desire to create natural products were planted!

We then combined tradition and innovation to give you products that meet the needs of every skin type, ideal for both women and men. With time, our creation took root, based on our philosophy, which is intertwined with traditional values.

Soon, the faith in achieving our goal paid off. The first natural cleansing products with pure virgin olive oil for the face and body came to fruition.

No preservatives

Today, after having been blended with honey and aloe vera, Olea Savon's natural cleansing products are a series of non-preservative cosmetic products that offer rich moisture and soft texture, as if they were from the distant past, when everything was pure and unspoilt.

So, our first goal of creating effective olive oil products, safe to use and aesthetically beautiful at the same time, has been achieved. The next is the absolute satisfaction of your skin's needs and the enrichment of the range with both new materials and new products.

Method of producing our natural products

Raw materials

Olea Savon, with virgin olive oil and combined with both honey and aloe, harnesses and respects the richness of Nature.


Using a traditional salt-free production method, we produce glycerine-free products, which contribute to the daily hygiene you need.


Our products are a premium series of cosmetic care, without preservatives, which contribute to the natural cleansing of the skin without causing allergies.

Η ελιά και το ελαιόλαδο αποτελούν σήμα κατατεθέν της κρητικής γης
Η αλόη είναι ιδανική για την ανακούφιση της επιδερμίδας από τους ερεθισμούς
Ως καλή πηγή αντιοξειδωτικών, το μέλι χαρίζει ενυδάτωση και λάμψη στο δέρμα

Our philosophy


Driven by the fact that efficiency stems from quality, we choose natural raw materials for our products, born of Mother Nature.


Our products, being the fruit of constant research, reflect our passion for creativity and meet all the requirements of safe use.

Organic composition

Emphasizing the use of pure raw materials, we produce biodegradable and environmentally friendly products, free of additional chemical ingredients and glycerine.

Η ολοκληρωμένη σειρά προϊόντων περιποίησης της Olea Savon